Monday, September 21, 2009

Its Been Such a Long Time...and my BROWNS still suck!!!

Well folks, like the old hit song Long Time from the classic rock group Boston, its been such a long time since I actually updated this blog. Just haven't really felt like it as there's always something more important. Like my family (wife & girls), this road-trippin job , Browns games....well maybe not so much this season.

Speaking of my Browns, well they're off to their usual sucky start, 0-2 after two games and a lackluster performance against the Denver Broncos last Sunday. I know this is going to be a rebuilding season for the team but sheesh, can't they at least generate some freakin touchdowns?
No wonder the defense gets so gassed in the 4th quarter, they're on the field for most of the game because our offense can't generate any freakin offense.

In other news, I may a possible career change opportunity come up over the course of the next 12 months or so. I won't comment on it much more than that at this point but in involves people we know who know other people who are in a position to help. Which is something I haven't had with past career "possibilities".
The drawback, I may have to take a cut in pay. But it would offer two things I find quite valuable and worth the reduced pay. One is the fact I'll be home most of the time. Two, there are possibilities for some honest to goodness career advancement.
A few years ago I wouldn't have been interested. But funny how a job that has you away from home can change one's perspective.

In a update to a previous blog, my old teen hangout Randall Park Mall has now closed down for good. What was once a fun place for a guy in his teen days to hang out, shop and meet girls is now a dead hulk of a empty building.

Informational Wikipedia Article on RPM.

Well our girls continue to grow up and get taller (and prettier, ). Gigi is now 10 years old, Laci is 5. My how the time goes by so fast.
Well if I think of anything else....well Kyrsten (my wife), I love you dearly.