Monday, September 6, 2010

Hank - 38, DirecTV- 3: Got SUNDAY TICKET

Well folks, it took a little phone wait and had to get up to Level II (note, Moohead had to get to Level III) but I did get a handsome discount, a VERY handsome discount, off my DirecTV Bill and got the NFL Sunday Ticket for the upcoming BROWNS 2010, The PAYBACK the NFL GODS OWE CLEVELAND BEGINS Season.

And since my profession (that's a career profession you do everyday for pay for those here who still live in Mommy's basement) does take me on the road for some of those NFL weekends,  I got them to throw in the NFL Sunday Ticket TO-GO in......for........

Which means I'll now be able to watch the BROWNS pound the opponent live on my nifty laptop.   Heck I might install a larger hard drive and save entire BROWNS game to my disk for later viewing.

This all started when I got a nice little card from DirecTV offering me free movie channels for being a loyal butt-kis...err....customer since 2006.   Called them and told them since I never watch those movie channels (mostly still watch the NFL Channel,  Boomerang and Fox News), it doesn't do be a sweet-goodie two-poops good.  But I might be interested in the NFL Sunday Ticket for the right price.
And so it went.

OK so one week at least (maybe a few more) I won't be using my Sunday Ticket as I'm taking a nice size group to Everbank Stadium for the BROWNS vs. Jaguars (and maybe the BROWNS vs Dolphins as well) but then again if Everbank Stadium has a decent WIFI connection, I might be able to make good use of it even at the game.

Speaking of that game my wife and the kids are all going.  Gigi is particularly thrilled as she really had a blast at the 2008 game.  This will be Laci's first NFL game.   And two of our neighbors (Leslie and Charly) want to go as well. 
I didn't know Leslie was that into NFL football and the Jags in particular.    Well JAX being a big military town, it probably doesn't have anything to do with the fact that Everbank Stadium will be chock-full of young 18-20 y/o U.S. Navy Sailors and U.S. Marines for the game......(EGADS!!!).pirate   Wouldn't be of interest to two very pretty girls now would it.  Of course not...............BULLSHEETS!!!!

A special thanks to Moohead who showed us all that with paitience, like negotiating for a new car, you can get yourself a gr8 deal.