Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Randall Park Mall memories

Well folks, I was busy passing the time and did a search on one of my old favorite shopping venues (back as a teenager), Randall Park Mall up in North Randall, OH. Found the Wiki entry for RPM and the entry on

Sad to see the place is now pretty much a empty, falling apart hulk.

Back in 1976 when it opened, the place was packed to the gills with shoppers and it was THE place to shop in Northern Ohio. In fact it was briefly the world's largest shopping mall. While it wasn't my normal everyday hangout, I do have some memories of the place (along with the now vanished Richland Mall in Johnstown,PA).

Over the next few years, I'd do a lot of Christmas shopping there, see some great movies at the triple theater there and enjoyed the mall Christmas decorations.

Randall Park Mall Memories:

- My first date (where I actually got my mom's car for the date) was to Randall Park Mall (a girl named Rita) and my first viewing of Star Wars back in July 1977.
I did something right because I got kissed out in the parking lot after the movie.
and I ended up putting a dent in mother's car (I just got my license a week ago).

- I got my first tux from Diamonds Men's store (for a Christmas dance, 1977 with my then-girlfriend Michelle, ) at RPM. It was a white dinner jacket tux with black pants.

- Saw the movie Animal House for the first there at RPM. Joined up with the gang for the movie. This one was memorable because... well a little background here. My friend Jim had his girlfriend Connie with him. Well Connie's sister Cheryl and I liked each other and Connie was really protective of Cheryl (the girl in my USMC picture).
During one of the movie's romantic scenes, I commented , hey, there's Cheryl and I, which of course Connie overheard.
I almost didn't get out of the theater alive.
(Cheryl and I liked each other but weren't dating quite yet).

- Bought all my BROWNS jerseys at the Koenigs in RPM.

- Bought a pair of Adidas tennis shoes at the RPM Koenigs for the then-unheard of sum of $38. Boy did I get some razzing from the gang on that one. Wore them over to Connie's birthday party.
Well, Cheryl thought they were cool.

- In fall of 1977, I bought my own weight set at the Sears at RPM. Included 225 lbs of weights, a bench press, long bar and two dumbells.

- Last movie I saw at RPM was Superman III back in 1983.

- Memory is hazy but my last visit to RPM was in 1985 or so. Even then the place was starting to show wear & tear. With other malls opening closer to Aurora OH (or high-class malls like Beachwood Place) , RPM started to lose shoppers, especially to Beachwood.

- I still have some old 110 slides that I shot inside the mall back around Christmas 1976.

Anybody here from the Watercooler or other boards remember this mall? Its pretty much closed down now with only the Sears store, a handful of local shops and the Ohio Powersports Institute still there. It was supposed to close in June of this year but seems a religious group wants to buy it and convert it to something.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Harvest Moon Dedication to My Lovely Wife, Kyrsten

Well, thought since I'm home with my lovely, I write a nice little song for her and post it.

Actually, the song was written by Roland Kent Lavoie, better known in the artistic world as "Lobo". It was one of my favorite songs back as a 13 year old teen guy with budding romantic thoughts streaming thru the windmills of my then-teenage mind.

For Kyrsten:

written by Lobo
When I saw you standing there
I bout fell out my chair
And when you moved your mouth to speak
I felt the blood go to my feet.

Now it took time for me to know
what you tried so not to show
Now something in my soul just cries
I see the want in your blue eyes.

Baby, I'd love you to want me
The way that I want you
The way that it should be
Baby, you'd love me to want you
The way that I want to
If you'd only let it be.

You told yourself years ago
You'd never let your feeling show
The obligation that you made
For the title that they gave.
Baby, I'd love you to want me
The way that I want you
The way that it should be
Baby, you'd love me to want you
The way that I want to
If you'd only let it be.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Just thought I'd type out whatever knucklehead idea comes into my cranium.

BROWNS vs New York Giants: A Monday Night game and everyone (in the sports media) picked the Browns as their surprise team for 2008. Alas, watching my Browns this season is kinda like watching the stock market lately or the Presidential Debates (nothing political now). Its just plain depressing and you end up feeling like that time wasted watching the debacle could have been better spent on some other activity. Like maybe trimming my mustache with a weed-whacker or something.

Well folks, here's hoping that somehow the Browns can pull a Miami Dolphins and defeat one hell of a football team (uh, that would be your Giants) or at least give them one hell of a game. (I'd rather not think now what will happen if the Giants duplicate the butt-kicking from that pre-season game).

On another note, I hate to think that $500 I spent for near-front row seats to the Browns vs. Jaguars game in Jacksonville (Oct 26th) was not money well-spent (I hear laughter somewhere). Then again the Jaguars have been having their problems as well so that could actually be a decent game. It will be the first one for my little 9 y/o cheerleader. BTW, the Pop Warner games she cheers at had a lot more intensity than that Browns vs Bengals Lunesta pill I watched a couple weeks ago, even if we did win.

WHY CAN'T IT BE SARAH: I listened to the second POTUS debate and McCain put me in the mind of my Spanish professor back in college. Nice guy and all but he could rival Lunesta as a sleep aid. If McCain does end up winning this election, it will be because Sarah Palin dragged his butt first across the finish line.
Oh how I wish it was Sarah running for POTUS.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Way to GO McCain, Sarah Palin....UPDATED

You know folks, this is getting real interesting. For once I'm writing about John McCain and actually praising the guy instead of beating him on his white-haired head (figuratively speaking of course, please no Secret Service visits). As a Reagan Republican, I wouldn't have given a wooden Butch Davis nickel for McCain's chances in the election a couple months ago. But Lordy, he's been running one smart campaign and Sarah Palin is a GOP winner all round. He might yet win this thing.

I must say now with Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain, he sure surrounds himself with beautiful classy ladies. He might yet get my vote and save us from Obama and $10 a gallon gasoline.

Reading Sarah Palin's record as Alaska governor, I do have to say, why isn't this classy lady at the TOP of the GOP ticket and running for President herself? Us Reagan Republicans have been shouting for over 20 years for another Ronald Reagan and the Good Lord may have just sent us one, and she's a lady.

Its been a long time that I've felt this happy as a Reagan Republican but Lordy, it feels good.

John McCain and Sarah Palin have a big trump card in their Election Day quiver, that being a decent energy policy if they run with it. Which McCain seems to be doing (smartly) in his campaign and his selection of Sarah Palin who is a big advocate of drilling for oil, particularily in Alaska where her constitutents want the jobs. And we still get the research into alternative energy resources (wind power, solar power, nuclear fusion) that Obama is making such hay about. McCain realizes that we still need oil, preferably our own oil, to run the economy until such niceties as electric/fuel cell cars and nuclear fusion reactors become practical and affordable.

I see on the net that the guys are noticing she is attractive. And happily married with 5 kids. I'd say we got quite the family lady for a VP (and perhaps later, President). And about time as well.

To quote the late James Brown...."I Feel Good".

UPDATE: Well folks, I've been perusing the politically liberal sites (such as Daily Kos) and in a nutshell, a lot of Obama supporters are losing their sausages over this.
However, one Obama supporter had a decent intellectual take on Sarah Palin's selection. No real surprise as Russell Glasser is quite the intellectual (Master's degree in computer engineering which trumps my Bachelor's in Computer Science). You can read his take at "Kazim's Korner"

Russell's Take on Sarah Palin

He even gave me a mention. Thanks.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Late Suimmer's Night Musings, Browns Pre-Season, the Olympics

Well folks, I know its been awhile on the blog. Haven't had much chance to simply sit and type more fun non-sense but hey:

First of all, the stinkin power supply on my laptop died. Well it was 3 years old but still.. I ended up getting a new laptop from Best Buy for half the price of the one I got 3 years ago, and with more than triple the performance. That's what 3 years of tech progress gets you. Really hated to buy another one but the display was starting to get a slight flicker when I adjusted the screen and as anyone who knows about laptops can tell you, once the LCD screen goes, time for a new laptop.
(And yes, I did order a new cheap power supply for my old laptop which I'll keep for now as a backup. Hope the screen holds out.
Did I mention that I still hate Microsoft Vista. Wish I could have stayed with XP but at least this one seems to run OK).
Sheesh, this laptop (HP Pavilion dv6000) has more memory and power than my home desktop, and is lighter to boot.
Also my older laptop had trouble with incoming digital TV signals, it was simply too slow to process them. No problem with analog TV but analog goes away in a few months anyway. The new one has a digital tuner and software built in.

Only what, 10 days or so till the 2008 NFL Season opens. A lot of people pick my Cleveland Browns to be a playoff contender (I hope). Unfortunately they have really stunk in pre-season but pre-season games are worthless anyway. You can look great in pre-season, then stink up the joint when the regular season gets underway. Here's to a 2008 Browns playoff team.

The 2008 Olympics are over but I always enjoy watching, especially the swimming competition (having once been a competitive swimmer). Its so great seeing the hard work and dedication of our Team USA athletes pay off with Olympic medals. I managed to get our little girls, Gigi and Laci to watch as well, especially the female events such as gymnastics, swimming and diving. Trying to teach them early what hard work can do for you. Hope the lessons take hold. I always feel a little melancholy when the Olympics are over as I know its two years till the next one (or four years till the next Summer games) as I enjoy watching them.
My wife, Kyrsten enjoyed the Equestrian events which we were able to watch online, her being into equestrian sports herself.

Well one of our girls got to try on her new cheerleading outfit. Gigi (9) was so excited to try on her outfit for the first time (and I got the pics to prove it). She's cheering on a Pop Warner cheerleading squad for kids. I like to encourage her into athletic endeavors as the lessons learned will carry on with her (which is why I encourage her to watch the Olympics as well).
I might post a pic here later but I'm always concerned about posting pictures on the Internet so I'm not sure yet. Just so beaming proud of her though.
Her sister Laci (4) goes to the practices to watch as well, which I encourage. Hey you never know, we might have the next Nastia Liukin, or Dara Torres here.

The Jacksonville Jaguars NFL site is now offering their single game tickets for sale and after seeing the prices for our section for the Browns-Jaguars game in October, I see I got a decent deal on the 4 tickets I already got. Guess getting my tix early paid off.

I'll add more to this posting as I think of it. Right now my brain is toast and its hot outside. Despite that, I always feel sad when summer ends, even in Florida.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

GodSpeed Tony Snow (1955-2008)

Sad to hear this morning that one of my news reporter heroes, Tony Snow has passed away due to cancer. He was only 53.

May God watch over his family he leaves behind.

God Bless You Tony.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Grooveyard Update, ABBA & "Jam Up & Jelly Tight"

Well folks, its a special July here for yours truly. Our first Fourth of July with our girls, or actually just one (Laci). Gigi is in California with Aunt Holly, she'll be back next week. So we had our Fourth of July with Laci. And did she ever love the fireworks in the sky over the Indian River in Cocoa, FL. We watched from my MIL's riverfront condo and even got to put her new telescope (Christmas present from yours truly) to use.
And add two more children's DVDs to our collection. First Diego and the Sea Turtles adventure. That was Laci's pick. I picked one for the girls though this time, Speed Racer, The Next Generation
Kind of interesting when comparing it with the original Speed Racer.

And now a Hank's GrooveYard of Old Time Favorites Special.
This month seems to be dedicated to the music of ABBA (remember them?). Well Sirius has dedicated an entire channel (Channel 3) to ABBA's music. This is all in celebration of the movie release of the musical Mamma Mia.
I have a confession here, I actually like some of ABBA's music (which sends my friends from the Cleveland Browns DAWG POUND into fits of laughter) but really they were quite the talented group. I've just added three of my favorite ABBA songs to my MySpace page, these being:

Does Your Mother Know

Ring Ring
Summer Night City (couldn't find that one on MySpace though).

Its kinda cool listening to the ABBA channel on Sirius and hearing versions of ABBA songs I've never heard before. The Swedish version of Ring Ring, live version of Does Your Mother Know, and the full-length version of Summer Night City which I never heard before.
And for my wife, I added that ridiculous ABBA song Honey Honey which I know she likes. Egads, gag a maggot hearing that song. Its one of those brainworm songs.

Speaking of the Lovely Lady of the House, she got to try out her new Victoria's Secret bikini over at the condo pool (while taking Laci swimming). Got some pics, I'll see about putting them up here.

"Jam Up & Jelly Tight"

This I believe was Tommy Roe's only hit song of the 1970s as he was a known 1960s era crooner & rocker. His big hits were Sheila and Dizzy. Jam Up & Jelly Tight is my favorite though where he got the title, I just don't know for sure. But this link might provide a clue:

Jam Up & Jelly Tight by Tommy Roe

Also, Tommy's official web site (glad he's still with us):

Tommy Roe's Official Web Site

Well back out to the van, a storm is on the horizon here somewhere in the middle of Indiana. Time to shut the NASA van down for the evening and get ready for the next day's fun activities. Could be interesting at times.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let Me Take You Dancing, Bryan Adams, 30 years ago.

From Hank's GrooveYard of Forgotten Favorites:

Ever heard a song, maybe a oldie or something off the normal Top 100 track that you really liked but never found out who sang it?

Then, maybe on Sirius satellite radio, you hear it and see the artist and say, WHOA, its a artist you're quite familiar with but you never knew they sang that song.

And to be honest, it doesn't sound like said artist.

I'm listening to a old disco song that I remember from those days and heard on the radio quite a bit. The song was called Let Me Take You Dancing and was a popular dance tune in the day.

But its who sang it that really is the surprise. And you wouldn't know it by listening as the artist was quite young back then, and the studio did speed up the recording slightly to match the normal beats-per-minute for a late 70s disco song, which in turn raised the pitch of the artist's male voice.

The artist..
wait for it...

Bryan Adams

“Let Me Take You Dancing” cover

Wikipedia Entry on the song Information on Let Me Take You Dancing

Bryan Adams

You can Hear the Song here, select the 12" Luongo Remix version


From the edge of the city there comes a sound
Makes you wanna turn your head around
Fills you with desire
Sets both your feet on fire

How could you stand to be alone
How could you stay at home so ...

Let me take you dancing
Let me steal your heart tonight
Let me take you dancing
All night long

Strolling through an easy feel
To the motions that make it rock 'n reel
You can learn to fake it
Keep on trying and you're bound to make it

It's gonna turn up upside down
It's gonna spin you 'round so ...

Let me take you dancing
Let me steal your heart tonight
Let me take you dancing
Let me make you feel alright
Hank the Tank
The Rock Ape of the Cape

BROWNS 2008: Romeo Returns Cleveland To Glory!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cue the Beatle's Birthday Song..Gigi and Laci BIRTHDAY


Well folks, right on the heels of Lisa's graduation are the birthdays of our two adopted daughters, Gigi and Laci. Gigi is now 9 (b-day of May 25th) while Laci is 4 (B-day, May 3rd).

Actually we celebrated both birthdays on May 31st. With Aunt Hughanne's help, we all threw a big party for those two little troublemakers (hehehe!!!). Ah but they still love their Daddy Cool Hank (gluck!!). And not only was it family but classmates of Gigi's and Laci's showed up (Laci is in a Catholic pre-school). In fact Laci's whole class practically showed up. Our first birthdays with the girls.
(And I'm still getting all the Silly String out of my hair, ears, nose and wherever).

Note to Lisa: Don't move away to college yet. We still need your babysitting services. Yeah, right Lisa's probably thinking.

Had to get all the pictures copied over from the Birthday party (my card is 4GB in size). Its getting to be a real fun job (NOT) managing all the photographs from various events and assignments. I think I'm a candidate for the Adobe Lightroom software for photo management. Time to go business shopping again.

MCCAIN YOU.....ahh why ruin this entry blogging about politics. Save it for another blog.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Graduation Day...Roses Are Red....

Roses Are Red, Graduation Day 2008:

Well folks, its Graduation time again for someone very special in our lives (me and my wife Kyrsten). This time it is our neighbor, Lisa who graduated from Merritt Island High School. Kyrsten and I were invited and went to her graduation ceremony at MIHS.

Now we’ve been to a few graduations of family and close friends (Carri-Anne, Jessica, Jordan) and now Lisa. And every time this song by Bobby Vinton keeps popping up; “Roses Are Red” in which Bobby sings about his high school steady on Graduation Day. Here a lyrical excerpt:

Roses are red, my love ... doo doo da doooo ...

A long, long time ago, on graduation day.
You handed me your book ... I signed this way:

"Roses are red, My Love,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet, My Love,
But not as sweet as you."

"Roses are red, My Love,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet, My Love,
Good luck, may God bless you."

This song sticks in my head (a brainworm if you will) because back during my teen hangout days, Mrs Cicero (owner of Cicero’s Roller Rink, Ebensburg PA) would play this song every freaking night at the same time, the Last Skate for Couples. And it was played at my high school graduation some 30+ years ago. Sheesh!! Talk about syrupy karma or something.

But anyway, our lovely Lisa has graduated high school now, my we’ve been her neighbors for what, 6 years now? Where does the time go?

Note to Lisa: As Bobby Vinton would put this, “Good Luck, May God Bless You” We love ya girl.

(We sent the YouTube video of this song to Lisa. Hard to believe they actually made music videos back in 1962 but they did).

Here’s some pics from Lisa’s graduation ceremony.

LisaHSGrad_DestiniLisa_25.jpg picture by hanktank88

Lisa (right) with her friend Destini

LisaHSGrad_KyrstenLisaHank2_25A.jpg picture by hanktank88
Kyrsten and I with our lovely graduate Lisa.

LisaHSGrad_LeslieLaurenLisaHeather_.jpg picture by hanktank88
Leslie (Lisa's little sister), Leslie's friend, Lisa and Lisa's friend Heather.

LisaHSGrad_LisaHeather_25A.jpg picture by hanktank88
Lisa and Heather, best friends.

LisaHSGrad_MomLisaKellieLeslie_25A.jpg picture by hanktank88
Lisa's mom, Janine, Lisa, sisters Kelli and Leslie.

LisaHSGrad_RoyLisaA.jpg picture by hanktank88
Lisa's dad Roy and Lisa.

LisaHSGrad_TobyLisa_25.jpg picture by hanktank88
Lisa's nephew Toby and Lisa.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Happy Day in the Merry Month Of May...

Well folks, couldn't think of any other title for this post. Yes I know Mother's Day has come & gone and I sent my lovely mom a nice bouquet of stinkweeds. Just kiddding, I sent her a beautiful bouquet of roses with chocolates. She called me to let me know she got them. Kudos to the fine folks at (though I would have appreciated it more if they would have mentioned the $9 shipping charge in their ads on the Sirius NFL Channel). But Mom is worth it.


And another one of those brainworms that you just can't get out of your head. This one from the Radio Classics on Sirius. This morning they had a classic Bob Hope show on and one of his guests was singing the song Why Oh Why Did I Leave Wyoming. I came up with my own version which I was singing all freakin morning:

Why oh Why Did I Ever Leave Ohio
Why oh Why did I ever have to go?
Why oh why did I ever leave Ohio
Because there's a sheriff lookin for me high & low.

Might have been kind of fitting during my troublemaking days as a young US Marine while home on leave, getting dates with cheerleaders who called in to a special radio "dating game" show on the old WGCL radio station. One of the cheerleaders actually called me (this was back in 1980) and we set up a date. Oh was I a real schmuck, considering at the time I was already dating someone. But you know how young men think.

John McCain, Give Me a Reason
Mr. McCain, will you PLEASE give me and most of my fellow Reagan Republicans a real reason to vote for you this coming November. The only reason I have now to vote for McCain is that his wife, Cindy McCain is a drop-dead gorgeous 40ish knockout beauty with a elegance that would make her a outstanding First Lady.
And that speaks volumes because on the issues that matters to most Americans, his positions just plain suck. Economically, he doesn't have a clue about how the free market works. He has alienated evangelicals who will now sit out this election in large numbers (and he needs those votes).

And he didn't help himself with his recent embracing of the far-left extreme environmentalists (and I myself am a environmentalist) and refusing to even consider drilling in ANWR for the oil we so desperately need to get us OFF Middle East oil. Uh Mr. McCain, gasoline is headed for $4 a gallon and this year has been probably the worst year for oil shocks. We need that oil from ANWR, the new North Dakota find, the new find in the Gulf of Mexico and the huge oil shale fields in Utah and Wyoming. All this so we can quit having to buy oil from people who don't like us, like Hugo Chavez.
Come to think of it, if Reagan were here, we'd be invading Venezuela and kicking his sorry ass out, much like we did with Noriega in Panama.
But do we hear anything about getting more oil from McCain and the mainstream the Republican Party? No, they're too busy courting the vote of the 4% of voters who are on the leftist fringe of the environmental movement, while alienating the 50% or so of Christian voters.
Not smart McCain, not smart.

Bobby Vinton Music:
Finally, time to dig out the old Bobby Vinton CD as a special person in our life has a very special time of her life coming up very soon. I'll save this one for the next blog so till then, you'll have to guess. But it does include a very special song sung by artist Bobby Vinton, who had some nice hits in the early 1960s (and he's still with us).

So as Bob & Doug McKenzie would say:

Good Day
Good Day
(What a hoser I am)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

NFL Draft Day Bash, Jacksonville, FL Recap.

Well folks, NFL Draft Day 2008 is now in the books. Kyrsten and I (and Gigi) joined in the festivities at the Jacksonville Landing. And what a nice, family-oriented party it was as well. It was also the first time Gigi got to meet my mother (Lois), Aslin and her mom Kirsten, Kirsten's life partner Cindy and Grandma Leitha. Gigi took right to everybody.

Gigi also got to meet a lot of the Jaguars ROAR Cheerleaders and we even got to meet the ROAR coach. She answered my question about Junior ROAR and Gigi really wants to do Junior ROAR now. So now time to get her ready for the November game where the Minnesota Vikings come to Jacksonville as that will be Junior ROAR Day.

Kind of funny though wearing my Browns gear to the Draft Day party and the Cleveland Browns don't have a first day draft pick (due to trades). But on Day 2, we got some nifty talent such as Beau Bell, LB, UNLV and Martin Rucker, TE, Univ of Missouri.

Back to Day One and the party. My wife's team, the Jaguars moved up 18 spots in the draft to select Florida defensive end Derrick Harvey. A gamble having to trade to move up but this Derrick Harvey fellow is a great addition to a already-fearsome Jaguars D. Something my Browns and Derek Anderson will have to contend with on Oct 26th.

Speaking of that game, I just secured four nice near front row (Row H) tickets for the Browns vs. Jaguars. Let the fun begin.

Of course I got some good-natured ribbing, mostly from the Jaguars cheerleaders about my Browns jersey. Even the head DJ on stage got into it. He was looking for volunteers for a "quiz show" to win prizes. Of course I volunteered. He looked at me and said. That guy in the Cleveland Browns jersey, do you REALLY think I'd pick you??
"Well I just had to try it anyway" I replied.

And now a few pics from NFL Draft Day 2008 Bash, Jacksonville, FL

Yours Truly at the Landing

Uh oh, the ROAR, they GOT ME!!

Oh aren't we all just enjoying ourselves.

And yes, I have plenty of pics of the family (Kyrsten and Gigi. Laci was a little young for this so she spent the day with Mimi (Kyrsten's mom)). But due to net.stalkers from Lord knows where (cough cough...OBR...cough cough) I'm not posting those up here.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Aslin is Sweet 16 TO-DAY!!!

As Neil Sadaka would put this:

"Tra la la la la la la....Happy Birthday Sweet 16".

Well folks, Aslin has made it (wonder how sometimes) to a teen milestone, today is her Sweet 16th Birthday. Kyrs and I called her on her phone (probably embarassing her big time in front of her friends.
I don't know yet what she did (or plans to do) for her Sweet 16 but Kyrsten and I have a few plans for her on our next trip up to Jacksonville. These might include clothes shopping, cruising the mall (Avenues Mall or Orange Park Mall) and a bouns, the Jaguars NFL Draft Day Bash at the Landing.

We ask ourselves is this the same little 8 year old girl who always had that cute smile and a lot of times wouldn't let yours truly here out of her sight.

Well now she's Sweet 16 and......yes a teen terror no doubt judging from her MySpace page.

We Love You Aslin,

Happy Birthday Sweet 16.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thoughts....

Watching the Pope giving Mass at Washington Nationals Stadium. As a Southern Baptist, I think this is a wonderful thing and glad the Pope is here.
Now maybe he could give some lessons in morality to certain politicians and CEOs who want to sell out our country and citizens in the name of political cleansing..aka... political correctness.

Of course I see the disgusting photoslop postings from the 2H Club (Hank Haters). Lordy, I show up with one thread there on TP and the next thing you know the 2H Club descends on the place like a bunch of 13 year old boys descending on a Miley Cyrus bikini modeling photo shoot, only the 2H Club motives are much more disgusting.
At least we know now who has real jobs and who's sitting at home in mommy's basement all day.

And my state of mind is perfectly normal nowadays, for a guy who now must be a Dad for two very energetic, very smart, very beautiful (and very bad at times) kids (Laci and Gigi). During this little break I'm here drinking coffee, throwing cream pies up in the air and catching them on my head while trying to use one of my model rocket engines as a cigar. To say nothing of what poor Kyrsten and poor Aunt Tina, Aunt Hughanne and Aunt Mimi are going thru helping us.
But I can look forward to the day when these intelligent young ladies will someday employ the kids of OBR 2H Clubbers in low-paying, menial jobs.

Almost done with a film scanning assignment, nearly 200 35mm slides dated 1969-1972. Kodachrome can be tricky to scan at times, especially the few 126 slides I have to scan. The infrared cleaning algorithm (called Digital ICE), can be fooled by some of the Kodachrome dyes.

Aslin's mom Kirsten is "feeling like a schoolgirl" nowadays as she and Cindy are going to CrueFest in Jacksonville featuring Motley Crue, Sixx A.M. , Buckcherry, Papa Roach and Trapt...all from the pits. Wonder how Aslin is taking that?

How come every time I hear The Lion Sleeps Tonight on Sirius (Robert John's 1972 remake, not the 1964 cover by the Tokens or the 1939 original by Solomon Linda), I think of Fooseface. Oh, it must be the tuba rendition near the end of the song. Can you just see Foose's bulbous cheeks turning 3 shades of Communist red as he blows.....(pun intended). Almost as funny as a barrel full of mental-deficients from the OBR Rant boards.

And on a H.A.P.P.Y. Note (take of Edwin Starr's hit song H.A.P.P.Y Radio), NFL Draft Day 2008 is nearly here. OK it sucks a little that those Magnificent Men in the Orange Helmets (Cleveland Browns) don't have a first-day draft pick. But its still a excuse for a big party in Jacksonville and this will be the first every Draft Day Party for Gigi and Laci. Aslin might join us as well. Good for Gigi, being as interested in cheerleading as she is, she gets to meet the Jaguars cheerleaders, the Jaguars ROAR.

The 2H Club (Hank Haters) own "Mt Rushmore" (actually a sand casting on the cliffs near Huntington Beach, California).

Apologies for insulting the faces and their creators by associating them with 2Hers'

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thunder Island, 30 years later," Sha la la la la la my lady"

Well folks, this spring marks the 30 year anniversary of a song that shot up the charts back in 1978 called "Thunder Island" by Jay Ferguson. I remember back then living in the cold Cleveland winter listening to that song, and having real dreams at night about being out on some tropical island (like the lyrics in the song) and chasing (and loving) some beautiful girl who would be my lifetime true love. (oh the syrup....).

Here's the song lyrics:

Thunder Island, by Jay Ferguson (slightly modified)

Sha-la-la-la-la-la my lady (Kyrsten)
In the sun with your hair undone
Can you hear me now calling your name
From across the bay
A summer's day laughing and a-hidin'
Chasing love out on Thunder Island

She was the color of the Indian summer
And we shared the hours without number
Until one day when the sky turned dark
And the winds grew wild
Caught by the rain and blinded by the lightnin'
We rode the storm out there on Thunder Island

I held her close
Until the storm passed
And we fell down laughing in the wet grass
Both our bodies drying in the sunshine, sweet sunshine
So, sha-la-la-la-la-la my lady (Kyrsten)
In the sun with your dress undone
Now, ev'ry mile away and ev'ry day
Cuts a little deeper
I'll remember the nights in the cool sand
Making love out on Thunder Island


I had always wondered (up until 2000) who the girl was in my "Thunder Island" dreams. That question was answered quite nicely, it was my lovely wife Kyrsten. And we did get to live out that "Thunder Island" fantasy as part of our honeymoon (on Captiva Island in Florida).
(OK so Kyrsten was only 7 back in 1978 but lets just say the dreams were fast forwarded in time). my lovely wife

"Sha la la la la la my Kyrsten.
In the sun with your hair undone.

Can you hear me now calling your name from across the bay.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Has Sprung...well at least down South

Ah yes, the warm gentleness of Spring, well at least in Florida its warm. Good 2B Alive.

Well that devious little smartypants daughter of mine, Gigi has apparently discovered how to turn off the sound on the computer. We let her on to use the Net and when I came back after she was finished, I found my sound no longer worked on my system. Luckily I have a PC hardware background and soon traced the problem to the sound card being "muted" in the Control Panel setup. Wonder how that happened? Hhmmmm. Well little Miss SmartyPants apparently didn't like my music coming thru the speakers (Classic 80s rock) and got mad at me. Or maybe it was me making her listen to Rick Dee's Disco Duck. Thought she'd like it at her age (one of those cutesy 70s songs) but guess not. And after I just bought her a new Hannah Montana shirt. That's gratitude for ya.
And yes, I was subjected to, well I'm not quite sure what those Britney Spears like sounds were coming from the speakers. To Gigi, its music.

But at the same time, I went to see her at her horse riding lesson (she begged me to come) and now I'm feeling that parental pride in helping to raise a little girl into a intelligent lovely young lady.

But she still busts my chops....and takes over the TV.

I was relaxing watching my new Battlestar Galactica, Season 3 DVD (definitely not kids fare) and out come the girls (they were supposed to be sleeping). Laci wanted to sit on the couch and watch a kids nighttime show (I think it was on the Public Broadcasting channel). So much for Battlestar Galactica that evening. Gigi immediately took over the remote control and put it on public TV for the kids show.

Our DVD collection is starting to sport a impressive collection of Dora the Explorer DVDs. Was it a few months ago, I'd never even heard of Dora the Explorer. Amazing. Now, thanks to Laci, Kyrsten and I have almost memorized the Dora theme songs. And of course Laci insists that we sit with her and watch as well.

And of course the Easter Turkey. What a "easter turkey"??? Yes indeed. Seems that Easter is now a turkey day as well. So I cooked a nice turkey for the family. It came out perfect, golden-brown, juicy and delicious. And I did it all myself, with a little help from the cooks at Publix (who pre-cook the turkeys, then wrap them in a cooking bag for you to finish heating them in).

Well, thats it for today. If I think of anything. I'll add it here.


And now some older postings which I've had in MS Word docs but never got around to posting.

Well folks, I’m watching the Pro-Bowl as I write this and thought I’d reflect a little on the Super Bowl. Oh it was a great game to be sure, I really enjoyed it.

However the NFL has turned what was once the crown accomplishment of the game of football to a big corporate event / Hollywood celebrity party where real NFL fans are few & far between. Just look at the percentages of tickets the fans of the two SB teams get (I think around 15% for each team). The rest all go to rich corporate CEOs who don’t give a crap about the game, Hollywood celebs who don’t know the first thing about real competition, and ticket brokers who buy up whole blocks of tickets for face value and re-sell them for a huge markup (Why the NFL doesn’t crack down on this “scalping” is a mystery to me).

A lot of NFL fans won’t even watch the Super Bowl because its nothing more than a corporate spectacle with a game mixed in on the side. And I have to agree with them on that. But that is pretty much well known by now.

I think that two changes, minor ones at that, could help real NFL fandom take back the Super Bowl and make it again what it should be, about professional football and the two teams that actually made it.

One would be to increase the allotment of tickets to the fans of the two teams, say 35% to each team. Of course all those corporate clowns would scream bloody murder but it would go a long way toward making the Super Bowl about the two teams that are playing.

The other is to crack down on scalpers and strictly prohibit the resale for profit of any Super Bowl ticket. Lord knows they’re expensive enough without scalper markup.

McCain and the Republicans.

Well it looks like John McCain will be the Republican’s guy for the 2008 election. And now as a Reagan Republican, I’m faced with the choice in the voting booth of either holding my nose and voting for McCain, or registering a protest and not voting for McCain. Of course this would have the effect (if enough Republicans did this) of throwing the election to the tax-everyone-till-it-hurts likes of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

I haven’t decided yet on how I’ll end up voting but I’ve got till November to make up my mind.

UPDATE, March 2008: Well with all the negative hoopla now vexing both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (the Jeremiah Wright fiasco), John McCain has a real chance here to take the initiative and the coming election. Heck if the Republicans would simply get out there now and state what they're for (lower taxes, border security, immigration reform, etc), they might just win it all back in 2008. But as Sean Hannity has so observed, the Repubican party is simply too stupid to take the offensive.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Long Time, No See..

Yes for those of you who actually pay this place a visit once in a while, I haven't updated this place since Christmas. Just haven't had the inspiration to write on here lately even though there's been quite a bit of stuff happen. I'll try to summarize:

1. Just heard today that the original "boy band" New Kids on the Block may be doing the reunion thing. But now they're all in their late 30s and early 40s so what do you call em? Middle-Age Kids on the Block?

One of my online friends and fellow Browns fan, Barry McBride (who owns the Orange & Brown website) noted that this development might be the Fourth Sign of the Apocolypse.
And you know today's pop culture & pop music suck when NKOTB starts sounding like real Classic Rock. Heck next to Hannah Montana, NKOTB sounds like classic Led Zeppelin.
I hear the occasional NKOTB song on the satellite radio and sheesh.
I also try to imagine a crowd of women, now in their 30s who were teens when NKOTB was in their heyday all jumping around at a NKOTB reunion concert (probably dragging their husbands/boyfriends by the nose ring into the concert) and ....well women in their 30s are still quite attractive & active.

One thinks of the Osmonds doing "One Bad Apple" on TV a few months ago and, well draw your own conclusions. News Article on NKOTB

2. Got word today that a old Jacksonville acquaintance has died. Glenn was the ex-husband of my friend Robin who was my barber when I lived in JAX.

3. My wife and I have adopted two little girls, Gigi and Laci. I'll expand on this later but they have been a real Christmas joy (as well as taking the money I had planned to buy a new digital SLR with for their Christmas gifts).
Oh, now that I've re-read the blog, I've already commented on this life-changing event. So count this as "my girls are driving me nuts & broke" update.

4. I voted (early) in the Florida Republican Primary. After some careful thought, I marked the spot for Mitt Romney (which I guess now makes me a Republican Romulan). Anything to keep John McCain from being the Republican nominee. Don't get me started on McCain and how he has gutted (or tried to gut) our national borders and job prospects for American citizens.

5. Our girls, Gigi and Laci have already had their first trip to Disney World. There goes more money flying out of our pockets.

I'll add more later as I think of it.