Friday, July 11, 2008

Grooveyard Update, ABBA & "Jam Up & Jelly Tight"

Well folks, its a special July here for yours truly. Our first Fourth of July with our girls, or actually just one (Laci). Gigi is in California with Aunt Holly, she'll be back next week. So we had our Fourth of July with Laci. And did she ever love the fireworks in the sky over the Indian River in Cocoa, FL. We watched from my MIL's riverfront condo and even got to put her new telescope (Christmas present from yours truly) to use.
And add two more children's DVDs to our collection. First Diego and the Sea Turtles adventure. That was Laci's pick. I picked one for the girls though this time, Speed Racer, The Next Generation
Kind of interesting when comparing it with the original Speed Racer.

And now a Hank's GrooveYard of Old Time Favorites Special.
This month seems to be dedicated to the music of ABBA (remember them?). Well Sirius has dedicated an entire channel (Channel 3) to ABBA's music. This is all in celebration of the movie release of the musical Mamma Mia.
I have a confession here, I actually like some of ABBA's music (which sends my friends from the Cleveland Browns DAWG POUND into fits of laughter) but really they were quite the talented group. I've just added three of my favorite ABBA songs to my MySpace page, these being:

Does Your Mother Know

Ring Ring
Summer Night City (couldn't find that one on MySpace though).

Its kinda cool listening to the ABBA channel on Sirius and hearing versions of ABBA songs I've never heard before. The Swedish version of Ring Ring, live version of Does Your Mother Know, and the full-length version of Summer Night City which I never heard before.
And for my wife, I added that ridiculous ABBA song Honey Honey which I know she likes. Egads, gag a maggot hearing that song. Its one of those brainworm songs.

Speaking of the Lovely Lady of the House, she got to try out her new Victoria's Secret bikini over at the condo pool (while taking Laci swimming). Got some pics, I'll see about putting them up here.

"Jam Up & Jelly Tight"

This I believe was Tommy Roe's only hit song of the 1970s as he was a known 1960s era crooner & rocker. His big hits were Sheila and Dizzy. Jam Up & Jelly Tight is my favorite though where he got the title, I just don't know for sure. But this link might provide a clue:

Jam Up & Jelly Tight by Tommy Roe

Also, Tommy's official web site (glad he's still with us):

Tommy Roe's Official Web Site

Well back out to the van, a storm is on the horizon here somewhere in the middle of Indiana. Time to shut the NASA van down for the evening and get ready for the next day's fun activities. Could be interesting at times.

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