Sunday, April 27, 2008

NFL Draft Day Bash, Jacksonville, FL Recap.

Well folks, NFL Draft Day 2008 is now in the books. Kyrsten and I (and Gigi) joined in the festivities at the Jacksonville Landing. And what a nice, family-oriented party it was as well. It was also the first time Gigi got to meet my mother (Lois), Aslin and her mom Kirsten, Kirsten's life partner Cindy and Grandma Leitha. Gigi took right to everybody.

Gigi also got to meet a lot of the Jaguars ROAR Cheerleaders and we even got to meet the ROAR coach. She answered my question about Junior ROAR and Gigi really wants to do Junior ROAR now. So now time to get her ready for the November game where the Minnesota Vikings come to Jacksonville as that will be Junior ROAR Day.

Kind of funny though wearing my Browns gear to the Draft Day party and the Cleveland Browns don't have a first day draft pick (due to trades). But on Day 2, we got some nifty talent such as Beau Bell, LB, UNLV and Martin Rucker, TE, Univ of Missouri.

Back to Day One and the party. My wife's team, the Jaguars moved up 18 spots in the draft to select Florida defensive end Derrick Harvey. A gamble having to trade to move up but this Derrick Harvey fellow is a great addition to a already-fearsome Jaguars D. Something my Browns and Derek Anderson will have to contend with on Oct 26th.

Speaking of that game, I just secured four nice near front row (Row H) tickets for the Browns vs. Jaguars. Let the fun begin.

Of course I got some good-natured ribbing, mostly from the Jaguars cheerleaders about my Browns jersey. Even the head DJ on stage got into it. He was looking for volunteers for a "quiz show" to win prizes. Of course I volunteered. He looked at me and said. That guy in the Cleveland Browns jersey, do you REALLY think I'd pick you??
"Well I just had to try it anyway" I replied.

And now a few pics from NFL Draft Day 2008 Bash, Jacksonville, FL

Yours Truly at the Landing

Uh oh, the ROAR, they GOT ME!!

Oh aren't we all just enjoying ourselves.

And yes, I have plenty of pics of the family (Kyrsten and Gigi. Laci was a little young for this so she spent the day with Mimi (Kyrsten's mom)). But due to net.stalkers from Lord knows where (cough cough...OBR...cough cough) I'm not posting those up here.

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