Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Happy Day in the Merry Month Of May...

Well folks, couldn't think of any other title for this post. Yes I know Mother's Day has come & gone and I sent my lovely mom a nice bouquet of stinkweeds. Just kiddding, I sent her a beautiful bouquet of roses with chocolates. She called me to let me know she got them. Kudos to the fine folks at ProFlowers.com (though I would have appreciated it more if they would have mentioned the $9 shipping charge in their ads on the Sirius NFL Channel). But Mom is worth it.


And another one of those brainworms that you just can't get out of your head. This one from the Radio Classics on Sirius. This morning they had a classic Bob Hope show on and one of his guests was singing the song Why Oh Why Did I Leave Wyoming. I came up with my own version which I was singing all freakin morning:

Why oh Why Did I Ever Leave Ohio
Why oh Why did I ever have to go?
Why oh why did I ever leave Ohio
Because there's a sheriff lookin for me high & low.

Might have been kind of fitting during my troublemaking days as a young US Marine while home on leave, getting dates with cheerleaders who called in to a special radio "dating game" show on the old WGCL radio station. One of the cheerleaders actually called me (this was back in 1980) and we set up a date. Oh was I a real schmuck, considering at the time I was already dating someone. But you know how young men think.

John McCain, Give Me a Reason
Mr. McCain, will you PLEASE give me and most of my fellow Reagan Republicans a real reason to vote for you this coming November. The only reason I have now to vote for McCain is that his wife, Cindy McCain is a drop-dead gorgeous 40ish knockout beauty with a elegance that would make her a outstanding First Lady.
And that speaks volumes because on the issues that matters to most Americans, his positions just plain suck. Economically, he doesn't have a clue about how the free market works. He has alienated evangelicals who will now sit out this election in large numbers (and he needs those votes).

And he didn't help himself with his recent embracing of the far-left extreme environmentalists (and I myself am a environmentalist) and refusing to even consider drilling in ANWR for the oil we so desperately need to get us OFF Middle East oil. Uh Mr. McCain, gasoline is headed for $4 a gallon and this year has been probably the worst year for oil shocks. We need that oil from ANWR, the new North Dakota find, the new find in the Gulf of Mexico and the huge oil shale fields in Utah and Wyoming. All this so we can quit having to buy oil from people who don't like us, like Hugo Chavez.
Come to think of it, if Reagan were here, we'd be invading Venezuela and kicking his sorry ass out, much like we did with Noriega in Panama.
But do we hear anything about getting more oil from McCain and the mainstream the Republican Party? No, they're too busy courting the vote of the 4% of voters who are on the leftist fringe of the environmental movement, while alienating the 50% or so of Christian voters.
Not smart McCain, not smart.

Bobby Vinton Music:
Finally, time to dig out the old Bobby Vinton CD as a special person in our life has a very special time of her life coming up very soon. I'll save this one for the next blog so till then, you'll have to guess. But it does include a very special song sung by artist Bobby Vinton, who had some nice hits in the early 1960s (and he's still with us).

So as Bob & Doug McKenzie would say:

Good Day
Good Day
(What a hoser I am)

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