Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thunder Island, 30 years later," Sha la la la la la my lady"

Well folks, this spring marks the 30 year anniversary of a song that shot up the charts back in 1978 called "Thunder Island" by Jay Ferguson. I remember back then living in the cold Cleveland winter listening to that song, and having real dreams at night about being out on some tropical island (like the lyrics in the song) and chasing (and loving) some beautiful girl who would be my lifetime true love. (oh the syrup....).

Here's the song lyrics:

Thunder Island, by Jay Ferguson (slightly modified)

Sha-la-la-la-la-la my lady (Kyrsten)
In the sun with your hair undone
Can you hear me now calling your name
From across the bay
A summer's day laughing and a-hidin'
Chasing love out on Thunder Island

She was the color of the Indian summer
And we shared the hours without number
Until one day when the sky turned dark
And the winds grew wild
Caught by the rain and blinded by the lightnin'
We rode the storm out there on Thunder Island

I held her close
Until the storm passed
And we fell down laughing in the wet grass
Both our bodies drying in the sunshine, sweet sunshine
So, sha-la-la-la-la-la my lady (Kyrsten)
In the sun with your dress undone
Now, ev'ry mile away and ev'ry day
Cuts a little deeper
I'll remember the nights in the cool sand
Making love out on Thunder Island


I had always wondered (up until 2000) who the girl was in my "Thunder Island" dreams. That question was answered quite nicely, it was my lovely wife Kyrsten. And we did get to live out that "Thunder Island" fantasy as part of our honeymoon (on Captiva Island in Florida).
(OK so Kyrsten was only 7 back in 1978 but lets just say the dreams were fast forwarded in time). my lovely wife

"Sha la la la la la my Kyrsten.
In the sun with your hair undone.

Can you hear me now calling your name from across the bay.

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