Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thoughts....

Watching the Pope giving Mass at Washington Nationals Stadium. As a Southern Baptist, I think this is a wonderful thing and glad the Pope is here.
Now maybe he could give some lessons in morality to certain politicians and CEOs who want to sell out our country and citizens in the name of political cleansing..aka... political correctness.

Of course I see the disgusting photoslop postings from the 2H Club (Hank Haters). Lordy, I show up with one thread there on TP and the next thing you know the 2H Club descends on the place like a bunch of 13 year old boys descending on a Miley Cyrus bikini modeling photo shoot, only the 2H Club motives are much more disgusting.
At least we know now who has real jobs and who's sitting at home in mommy's basement all day.

And my state of mind is perfectly normal nowadays, for a guy who now must be a Dad for two very energetic, very smart, very beautiful (and very bad at times) kids (Laci and Gigi). During this little break I'm here drinking coffee, throwing cream pies up in the air and catching them on my head while trying to use one of my model rocket engines as a cigar. To say nothing of what poor Kyrsten and poor Aunt Tina, Aunt Hughanne and Aunt Mimi are going thru helping us.
But I can look forward to the day when these intelligent young ladies will someday employ the kids of OBR 2H Clubbers in low-paying, menial jobs.

Almost done with a film scanning assignment, nearly 200 35mm slides dated 1969-1972. Kodachrome can be tricky to scan at times, especially the few 126 slides I have to scan. The infrared cleaning algorithm (called Digital ICE), can be fooled by some of the Kodachrome dyes.

Aslin's mom Kirsten is "feeling like a schoolgirl" nowadays as she and Cindy are going to CrueFest in Jacksonville featuring Motley Crue, Sixx A.M. , Buckcherry, Papa Roach and Trapt...all from the pits. Wonder how Aslin is taking that?

How come every time I hear The Lion Sleeps Tonight on Sirius (Robert John's 1972 remake, not the 1964 cover by the Tokens or the 1939 original by Solomon Linda), I think of Fooseface. Oh, it must be the tuba rendition near the end of the song. Can you just see Foose's bulbous cheeks turning 3 shades of Communist red as he blows.....(pun intended). Almost as funny as a barrel full of mental-deficients from the OBR Rant boards.

And on a H.A.P.P.Y. Note (take of Edwin Starr's hit song H.A.P.P.Y Radio), NFL Draft Day 2008 is nearly here. OK it sucks a little that those Magnificent Men in the Orange Helmets (Cleveland Browns) don't have a first-day draft pick. But its still a excuse for a big party in Jacksonville and this will be the first every Draft Day Party for Gigi and Laci. Aslin might join us as well. Good for Gigi, being as interested in cheerleading as she is, she gets to meet the Jaguars cheerleaders, the Jaguars ROAR.

The 2H Club (Hank Haters) own "Mt Rushmore" (actually a sand casting on the cliffs near Huntington Beach, California).

Apologies for insulting the faces and their creators by associating them with 2Hers'

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