Monday, April 21, 2008

Aslin is Sweet 16 TO-DAY!!!

As Neil Sadaka would put this:

"Tra la la la la la la....Happy Birthday Sweet 16".

Well folks, Aslin has made it (wonder how sometimes) to a teen milestone, today is her Sweet 16th Birthday. Kyrs and I called her on her phone (probably embarassing her big time in front of her friends.
I don't know yet what she did (or plans to do) for her Sweet 16 but Kyrsten and I have a few plans for her on our next trip up to Jacksonville. These might include clothes shopping, cruising the mall (Avenues Mall or Orange Park Mall) and a bouns, the Jaguars NFL Draft Day Bash at the Landing.

We ask ourselves is this the same little 8 year old girl who always had that cute smile and a lot of times wouldn't let yours truly here out of her sight.

Well now she's Sweet 16 and......yes a teen terror no doubt judging from her MySpace page.

We Love You Aslin,

Happy Birthday Sweet 16.

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