Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cue the Beatle's Birthday Song..Gigi and Laci BIRTHDAY


Well folks, right on the heels of Lisa's graduation are the birthdays of our two adopted daughters, Gigi and Laci. Gigi is now 9 (b-day of May 25th) while Laci is 4 (B-day, May 3rd).

Actually we celebrated both birthdays on May 31st. With Aunt Hughanne's help, we all threw a big party for those two little troublemakers (hehehe!!!). Ah but they still love their Daddy Cool Hank (gluck!!). And not only was it family but classmates of Gigi's and Laci's showed up (Laci is in a Catholic pre-school). In fact Laci's whole class practically showed up. Our first birthdays with the girls.
(And I'm still getting all the Silly String out of my hair, ears, nose and wherever).

Note to Lisa: Don't move away to college yet. We still need your babysitting services. Yeah, right Lisa's probably thinking.

Had to get all the pictures copied over from the Birthday party (my card is 4GB in size). Its getting to be a real fun job (NOT) managing all the photographs from various events and assignments. I think I'm a candidate for the Adobe Lightroom software for photo management. Time to go business shopping again.

MCCAIN YOU.....ahh why ruin this entry blogging about politics. Save it for another blog.

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