Monday, January 28, 2008

Long Time, No See..

Yes for those of you who actually pay this place a visit once in a while, I haven't updated this place since Christmas. Just haven't had the inspiration to write on here lately even though there's been quite a bit of stuff happen. I'll try to summarize:

1. Just heard today that the original "boy band" New Kids on the Block may be doing the reunion thing. But now they're all in their late 30s and early 40s so what do you call em? Middle-Age Kids on the Block?

One of my online friends and fellow Browns fan, Barry McBride (who owns the Orange & Brown website) noted that this development might be the Fourth Sign of the Apocolypse.
And you know today's pop culture & pop music suck when NKOTB starts sounding like real Classic Rock. Heck next to Hannah Montana, NKOTB sounds like classic Led Zeppelin.
I hear the occasional NKOTB song on the satellite radio and sheesh.
I also try to imagine a crowd of women, now in their 30s who were teens when NKOTB was in their heyday all jumping around at a NKOTB reunion concert (probably dragging their husbands/boyfriends by the nose ring into the concert) and ....well women in their 30s are still quite attractive & active.

One thinks of the Osmonds doing "One Bad Apple" on TV a few months ago and, well draw your own conclusions. News Article on NKOTB

2. Got word today that a old Jacksonville acquaintance has died. Glenn was the ex-husband of my friend Robin who was my barber when I lived in JAX.

3. My wife and I have adopted two little girls, Gigi and Laci. I'll expand on this later but they have been a real Christmas joy (as well as taking the money I had planned to buy a new digital SLR with for their Christmas gifts).
Oh, now that I've re-read the blog, I've already commented on this life-changing event. So count this as "my girls are driving me nuts & broke" update.

4. I voted (early) in the Florida Republican Primary. After some careful thought, I marked the spot for Mitt Romney (which I guess now makes me a Republican Romulan). Anything to keep John McCain from being the Republican nominee. Don't get me started on McCain and how he has gutted (or tried to gut) our national borders and job prospects for American citizens.

5. Our girls, Gigi and Laci have already had their first trip to Disney World. There goes more money flying out of our pockets.

I'll add more later as I think of it.

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