Thursday, December 27, 2007

Aslin is a RedHead???

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year folks:

Well someone I know, namely our "kid sister" Aslin dyed her hair red. Ironic considering that her mom is a natural redhead. Amazing what that girl comes up with.

Its only the 27th and I'm already a tired wreck. Amazing what happy kids can do to you having to jog alongside Laci as she furiously pedals her new bicycle down the way. She has yet to put that bike down.
And Gigi is in love with her new portable DVD player (which we require her to share with Laci). Got the idea from Carolyn & Joe (long time close family friends) who got their little girl, Emma a portable DVD to watch educational videos. Thought we'd try the same with our two and its working like a charm.
Of course we also have to deal with Bratz and Dora the Explorer videos but they're educational as well. Dora seems to be quite interesting as she helps teach two languages (English and Spanish).

Browns stupidly lost last Sunday to the Bengals. Now their playoff hopes are out of their hands and depend on the Indianapolis Colts to win for the Browns to get in. Had they beat Cincy, they'd have locked up a playoff spot. Aaahhh, that stinks.

Can't say I did bad this Christmas myself. Ended up with a new HD DVD format player. Now all I need is a Blu-Ray player and my upgrade will be complete, at least till the new HD projector comes along. But that is still around $2200 away but the price on 1080p products is dropping. I may wait a little longer for those.

More comin soon.

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