Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Its Been Awhile

Yes folks, I know its been awhile since my last post. Just haven't had the itch in my typing finger. That and a lot to do for the Christmas holidays.

Glad to be home in Florida this particular week considering the ice storm hitting out in the Midwest. Makes for some beautiful landscape picture-taking but miserable for driving and for the electric power grid.

Now wouldn't you know it. We get some of those small lighted trees (you buy from Home Depot) to line our driveway with. Looked beautiful when we put it up but now 3 of the little trees won't light. Seems a connection has gone bad somewhere. Come to think of it, is there anywhere you can get Christmas decorations that aren't el-cheapo junk mass-produced in China? Christmas lights that light from year to year for example would be nice.

You know you have too many decorations when you get the house the way you want it and still have tons of decorations to put up somewhere. So they stay in the semi-retired bin for the year. This year my wife got our tree so nicely decorated, I didn't want to add to it with my Hallmark Signature ornaments (the Star Trek series being one of my favorites). So now I'm looking for a place to hang them. We need a second tree.
But we had some good help too as you all know our neighbor Les and two of her friends helped out. Later when Leslie's dad came back from his job, he pitched in in helping to deck my halls.

I watched my Cleveland Browns give me a near-heart attack (as usual) in defeating the NY Jets 24-18 in a game they almost blew in the 4th quarter. Defense still needs some work but that has to be addressed in the off-season. For now we're stuck with a porous defense (but somewhat improved), a decent offense and a 8-5 win-loss record which nobody was predicting at the beginning of the season.

And now time for more Christmas shopping as my wife is pulling on my ear.

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