Sunday, December 23, 2007

Its ALMOST Christmas, and its GameDay for the Browns

CHRISTMAS 2007: Well folks, we're two days from the Christmas holiday and to satisfy our eagerness to open our gifts to see what we usually need to take back to the store and exchange it for what we really wanted. But that's just the way it goes.
My wife and I have another way, we shop together and she picks out what she really wants and I get it for her (at a later date to preserve some semblence of surprise). I also try to get one nice real surprise gift or two. Works like a charm.

I've received word that my family has bought me some real gifts as well this year.
As for everyone else on the gift list, except for two soon-2B-spoiled little girls, I get them either gift cards or maybe just plain cold cash. Works every time folks. Now on occasion I get to take someone on a shopping spree (like I did for Carri-Anne and Aslin) for a special day like Christmas or their Sweet 16 birthday.

But the real meaning of Christmas goes far beyond simple presents. It represents the ultimate gift of eternal life that Christ died for to give us. Which is why we celebrate His Birthday on this Earth. OK so we don't have an exact date for His earthly birth but we celebrate it on December 25th.

OK enough from Pastor Hank. I'd make a lousy Billy Graham.

GAMEDAY: Today is game day for the Browns and this one is a big one for the men in the Orange helmets. Win it and we secure a playoff spot. Lose it and we may need a lot of help next week to get in. Its the Battle of Ohio and we're up against the Cincinnati Bengals. OK so we're 9-5 and we should beat a 4-10 team but you never know with this rivalry. The Browns better bring their A game which I think they will.

HEADED HOME FOR CHRISTMAS: Its rainy here in Georgia as I get ready for the final leg back into Florida and home for the holidays. I'll be on vacation for awhile but it will be anything but a nice, relaxing vacation, thanks to two new additions to our family (Gigi and Laci). Which is OK by me but oh are we ever in for it.
Saw a cute little cheerleader doll which of course I ended up buying for Laci (3). Gigi of course is big into the Bratz line and that is what our family is getting her. Those two are going to make out like freakin bandits this Christmas.

POLITICAL RANT: So I'm tracking the Republican race for the candidacy and my favorite, Tom Tancredo already has pulled out of the race. He only ran on one issue, immigration. Hopefully some of what Tom stood for will be reflected in the race coming this January.
Now why do I NOT feel like writing any more political ranting stuff today. Maybe because it is the Christmas season and I'd much rather write about family & friends than roast Republican political hides (don't worry Democrats, I'll be roasting yours big-time when the primaries are over).

Merry Christmas to All and God Bless You

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