Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pizza Party in Laredo.

Well folks, the van is here in Laredo, TX where you can look out across the Mexican border. And you can get some tasty REAL Mexican food. Oh delicious. Throw in some Papa John's pizza (very popular with the government folks) and it makes for a fun time.

Christmas is almost here. My boss (my wife) and I are buying this year for two new special family members (Gigi and Laci, more on this in a future blog) but suffice to say I've spent about half my Christmas wad (and a chunk of the $$ I had designated for a new second digital SLR, Canon EOS-40D) on Dora the Explorer and Bratz stuff.
Oh and for this run, my wife put one of the big "Bratz" dolls in the passenger seat, named it "Kyrsten" and I'm supposed to make sure it stays there with me until I get home for Christmas where "Kyrsten" will be given to Gigi as a Christmas gift. OK so you get some good-natured ribbing from some of the NASA guys but once I tell them what it's for, I get some honest-to-goodness congratulations and well wishes.
(Personally I wanted to get Gigi a BB gun, a Jags cheerleader outfit and teach her how to shoot but that will have to wait till her birthday. My mother-in-law would have a flying fit).

This year, I got the Christmas cards done real fast even if I no longer have a copy of my old dBASE (later Access) Christmas list database. Little by little though I'm rebuilding the database (the old file got wiped out last year when my hard drive crashed. One of the things I didn't have a backup copy of). Good thing about this is that I can get rid of the old Christmas listings (folks I haven't heard from in 2-3 years).
I was going to add to Aslin's a iTunes gift card but she's apparently lost her iPod. I'll have to ask Kirsten (Aslin's mom) if they're planning on replacing Aslin's lost iPod.

Watching the current crop of Republican candidates from which I MIGHT choose one to vote for is getting to be a real bore. Only about 3 of these turkeys actually sound like real Reagan Republicans (which unfortunately doesn't include any of the so-called "top tier"). It will be interesting once the electoral process gets underway in January. C'mon Republicans, give me a reason to get out and vote for you, other than keeping the Socialists (formerly the Democrats) from winning. Its a real drag having to choose between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich in November.

Well my new film scanning business is just about ready to go live. The web site still needs a little work but the new web site is up and ready. Just need a few additional scans put up. Some of these pics are over 30 years old (some old Kodachrome 110 slides and negatives) which I shot. Once I get them reduced down to size (the 110 TIFFs are like 12 MB in size), I'll post a few here. That Nikon film scanner is pretty amazing the job it does with the small 110 frame.

OK so the Cleveland BROWNS are now 9-5 (assuring them of their first winning season since 2002). One more win and they lock up a playoff spot. Pretty amazing consider everyone was picking this team for no better than 6-10 this season. Personally I'm hoping for a Browns vs. Jaguars playoff game maybe played in Jacksonville (the wife, me, Gigi and Laci would go to the game. Aslin would join us as well, heck we need a babysitter while I'm yelling my head off cheering on the BROWNS).

Well, I'll add more later as I think of it. Got some techincal issues to tend to now.

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