Friday, August 29, 2008

Way to GO McCain, Sarah Palin....UPDATED

You know folks, this is getting real interesting. For once I'm writing about John McCain and actually praising the guy instead of beating him on his white-haired head (figuratively speaking of course, please no Secret Service visits). As a Reagan Republican, I wouldn't have given a wooden Butch Davis nickel for McCain's chances in the election a couple months ago. But Lordy, he's been running one smart campaign and Sarah Palin is a GOP winner all round. He might yet win this thing.

I must say now with Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain, he sure surrounds himself with beautiful classy ladies. He might yet get my vote and save us from Obama and $10 a gallon gasoline.

Reading Sarah Palin's record as Alaska governor, I do have to say, why isn't this classy lady at the TOP of the GOP ticket and running for President herself? Us Reagan Republicans have been shouting for over 20 years for another Ronald Reagan and the Good Lord may have just sent us one, and she's a lady.

Its been a long time that I've felt this happy as a Reagan Republican but Lordy, it feels good.

John McCain and Sarah Palin have a big trump card in their Election Day quiver, that being a decent energy policy if they run with it. Which McCain seems to be doing (smartly) in his campaign and his selection of Sarah Palin who is a big advocate of drilling for oil, particularily in Alaska where her constitutents want the jobs. And we still get the research into alternative energy resources (wind power, solar power, nuclear fusion) that Obama is making such hay about. McCain realizes that we still need oil, preferably our own oil, to run the economy until such niceties as electric/fuel cell cars and nuclear fusion reactors become practical and affordable.

I see on the net that the guys are noticing she is attractive. And happily married with 5 kids. I'd say we got quite the family lady for a VP (and perhaps later, President). And about time as well.

To quote the late James Brown...."I Feel Good".

UPDATE: Well folks, I've been perusing the politically liberal sites (such as Daily Kos) and in a nutshell, a lot of Obama supporters are losing their sausages over this.
However, one Obama supporter had a decent intellectual take on Sarah Palin's selection. No real surprise as Russell Glasser is quite the intellectual (Master's degree in computer engineering which trumps my Bachelor's in Computer Science). You can read his take at "Kazim's Korner"

Russell's Take on Sarah Palin

He even gave me a mention. Thanks.


Kazim said...


I answered your question.

Anonymous said...

Why exactly are you happy with Palin? Is it just because she's pretty? Do you really think an pro-life pro-gun candidate is going to sway the Clinton voters to vote for the old cranky geezer?


You take a very simplistic view on politics, Brad. You should stick to bogging on bubblegum music and Russian imports.