Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Just thought I'd type out whatever knucklehead idea comes into my cranium.

BROWNS vs New York Giants: A Monday Night game and everyone (in the sports media) picked the Browns as their surprise team for 2008. Alas, watching my Browns this season is kinda like watching the stock market lately or the Presidential Debates (nothing political now). Its just plain depressing and you end up feeling like that time wasted watching the debacle could have been better spent on some other activity. Like maybe trimming my mustache with a weed-whacker or something.

Well folks, here's hoping that somehow the Browns can pull a Miami Dolphins and defeat one hell of a football team (uh, that would be your Giants) or at least give them one hell of a game. (I'd rather not think now what will happen if the Giants duplicate the butt-kicking from that pre-season game).

On another note, I hate to think that $500 I spent for near-front row seats to the Browns vs. Jaguars game in Jacksonville (Oct 26th) was not money well-spent (I hear laughter somewhere). Then again the Jaguars have been having their problems as well so that could actually be a decent game. It will be the first one for my little 9 y/o cheerleader. BTW, the Pop Warner games she cheers at had a lot more intensity than that Browns vs Bengals Lunesta pill I watched a couple weeks ago, even if we did win.

WHY CAN'T IT BE SARAH: I listened to the second POTUS debate and McCain put me in the mind of my Spanish professor back in college. Nice guy and all but he could rival Lunesta as a sleep aid. If McCain does end up winning this election, it will be because Sarah Palin dragged his butt first across the finish line.
Oh how I wish it was Sarah running for POTUS.


Anonymous said...

You cannot seriously think Sarah Palin is qualified, can you? That is just silly.

Have you thought about getting some news besides the garbage you are being spoon-fed by Fox?

Anonymous said...

Thursday thoughts?

You should entitle it "October Thoughts" and not pretend you matter enough to have a blog in the first place.