Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Sweet 16 Amanda

Well folks, its been awhile since I updated this. Halfway thru the NFL season and my Cleveland Browns are a Federally-declared disaster area with a 1-7 record so far. And now with a chance to totally embarass Dawg Pound Nation on the national stage with a Monday Night game against our arch-rival Baltimore Ravens. If the Browns play hasn't improved dramatically, this could be a slaughter. But then some good might come of it and our sorry excuse for a front office might finally get that football genius (such as Marty Schottenheimer) for a GM or President. A guy who can finally rebuild this team into a title contender. That is the hope of Dawg Pound Nation.

Onto a much happier topic. Our lovely teenage neighbor, Amanda celebrated her Sweet 16 Birthday (Monday, Nov 9th). And we got to celebrate it with her. FYI, Amanda is becoming one beautiful classy lady who (along with her mom and her sister Vicki) helps keep my lovely wife company when I have to go out on the road. Here's some Sweet 16 pics of Amanda (which we sent to her over MySpace as well):

Oh and that new dress she's wearing, we got her for her birthday. Well actually we gave her the $$ for it and she picked it out. Isn't she a knockout?
(A definite guy magnet. I hope she lands a totally classy boyfriend who treats her right).

My lovely wife Kyrsten with Sweet 16 Amanda.

Amanda with her newborn niece, Elizabeth Rose (who's mom is her older sister Vicki). As you can see, I got to hold little Elizabeth as well.

I just had to include this picture of little Lexi (Amanda's niece as well). Just look at that expression as she contemplated digging into Grandma's choc cream pie.

And that's our Happy Sweet 16 for Amanda.

Oh and I sent this nifty YouTube video ( as a birthday card) to Amanda. She had never heard this song by the Beatles before (gee you know you're getting old when today's teenagers don't recognize the Beatles) but Amanda absolutely loved it.

Birthday Song for Amanda, by The Beatles.

I think we'll also send her Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little 16". After all your Sweet 16 only comes around once in a lifetime.

Next Sweet 16, our other lovely neighbor, Leslie which is next March.

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