Friday, May 14, 2010

First Post 2010, Disco Memories, Skate Memories, Soccer time for the Girls

I know, its been ages since I updated this BLOG. But now that my lovely wife, Kyrsten has given me somewhat of a break from helping her out at the horse barn, caring for those horses, and a little inspiration from a golden romantic song I just heard on Sirius, well.... ==================== ONLY SIXTEEN by Dr. Hook: The song and the memories it brings back: Oh yes that song... Only Sixteen by Dr. Hook. Yes that song does bring back some great memories...memories of a beautiful girl who had my attention at this time back in 1976. Oh my.... She was only Sixteen (or 15 in this case)
Only Sixteen
But I loved that girl so.

She was too young
to fall in love
And I was too young to know
Song Link: YouTube: Well it was April 10th of 1976 and yours truly here, all of age 16, was visiting relatives in Colver, Pennsylvania, and checking out the teen nightlife at Cicero's Roller Rink in nearby Ebensburg. But there I was standing at the admissions window waiting in line to get in. And then she caught my eye (of course), a beautiful girl with gorgeous blond hair,feathered in the 1970s feathered style of the day, the cutest facial features topped with beautiful blue eyes, and of course as I couldn't help but notice (as some of my friends also noticed) she was quite "well-endowed" (translation...big breasts, how lucky was I in those days). Well I was a teenage guy so what could I say. As the door opened, we all poured into the rink after paying our admission. And this is where it pays off to have friends in the right places, one of my buddies overheard that girl talking to her friends and heard her mention about this guy who to her looked like a real man. Guess who she was talking about…. THE REST OF THE STORY at


Gigi and Laci go at it in soccer.

Well its soccer season and we have Gigi and Laci in the local Cocoa, FL soccer league. And they are taking to the game. In fact since they started last month, both girls have really got into the game. Laci really likes to take out her aggression on the field. We tell her, this is one place where she can be aggressive. Gigi too is getting into it. Oh but Gigi took a direct kicked ball to the tummy which did draw a few tears. But she’s OK and has a nice mark to show off for a little while.

Laci’s 6th Birthday :

We had a small birthday party for Laci who just turned 6. Amazing how time flies, when she came into our lives, she was only 3 ½. And she’s growing up fast, in fact catching up to her 10 year old sister Gigi. But we expect a big growth spurt from Gigi soon as she closes in on 11 and 12.

And I must say, both girls are just so beautiful…they both have that early Jessica Simpson look down so when they get to be teenagers, time for the old Hankster to dig up the M-16 as they’ll both be guy magnets. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here yet, that time will no doubt come.

The big party for both girls (with all their friends) comes in June. Time to get some birthday gifts.


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