Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crusin At Quartzsite

Hank’s GrooveYard of Musical Favorites: OK so I took the name "Grooveyard" from Rush Limbaugh who had a pre-show feature on his radio show where he played some of his favorite old time music. So I decided to add this little feature to the BLOG highlighting a song and how it influenced my life.

My first one,a 1978 favorite of mine called Kiss You All Over by Exile:

Cruisin at Quartzsite.

There’s a little town in the southern Arizona desert about 17 miles from the California state line called Quartzsite. It is a favorite stopping place for RV ers during the cooler months of the year. During these cooler times, they have a pretty big flea market going on.

This town, Quartzsite, probably has over $1000 of my hard-earned money spent there over the past few years or so. This is because I end up buying lots of gifts there for my lovely wife, Kyrsten and our girls, Gigi and Laci.

At Quartzsite, you can buy all kinds of beautiful mineral rocks. I know because my house is decorated with around 200 lbs of these decorative rocks, including large chunks of rose quartz, blue quartz, chrysacolla, amethyst and other colorful rocks. One of the shops there, called T-Rocks is a veritable supermarket of rocks, minerals and even some precious stones. You can buy them pretty cheap at Quartzsite, well at least compared to the prices I’d pay if I bought them from a dealer in Florida.

On my most recent visit, I purchased three real rubies. OK so they’re not quite the same polished quality that you’d get at a jeweler but they’re also a lot less expensive. Ruby (a variant of corundum) is the second hardest substance found in nature after diamond.

UPDATE: Another visit, another $50 down the tubes, but for something worthy. Found a really nice aquamarine stone at T-Rocks which I bought and having made into a pendant for our (drop-dead gorgeous) neighbor, Leslie who recently turned Sweet 16. (Leslie's MySpace Page). Aquamarine is Leslie's birthstone).

The Lights of El Paso:

Now if there is one sight to see at night, drive thru El Paso, Texas on I-10. From a vantage point off Exit 37, you can get quite a view of the lights of El Paso. You can also head up the mountain and get a view from there too. It is one of the most awe-inspiring sights.

Dog days of Florida Summers

Well folks, its summertime in Florida. For my friends up north, this is the time of the year when us Florida denizens wish we could come on up north for a few months (like our snowbird neighbors do). Its feeling like over 100 degrees back home. Not quite like it was back in summer 1998 but getting up there.

Who Grows that Little Corn
You usually see them at any well-stocked salad bar located in an establishment that has some class. Or as a selection for the Mongolian grill in those Chinese buffet places. They look like corn-on-the-cobs but they’re about half the size of your pinky. I know there’s a name for them (I’ll look it up later) but I always wondered who grows that little corn? Because most corn-on-the-cob farmers brag about the size of their ears of corn. It’s a macho thing almost.

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