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Grooveyard Feature, First Date with Cheryl.

Well folks, occasionally while listening to the Sirius satellite radio, a song will come on that I haven’t heard in, well in this case years. And its one of those songs that takes you back to a time in your life. In this case:

You’re The Love by Seals & Crofts (music link not available)

Feels So Good by Chuck Mangione

OK, so some folks didn’t like the tune You’re The Love which was supposed to be Seals & Crofts one attempt at a disco record (it really doesn’t sound “disco” to me) but a lot more people liked it as it charted #18 on American Top 40 in mid-1978. And it was one of my most favorite songs ever. As for “Feels So Good” this has to be one of my most favorite jazz tunes ever. Enough said there. Normally I like to include links to the actual songs but I haven’t found one yet for “You’re The Love”.

UPDATE: One additional song I might mention, a more recent (2008) song by Kid Rock. All Summer Log. That song kinda took me back to those days as well, though it wasn't 1989, it was 1978 (or 1979 as well).

So how do these tie in? They were my favorite songs right about the time of my “First Date” with Cheryl (a really gorgeous blonde) in August 1978. Oh was that ever a memorable day. It was actually a double-date with Cheryl’s older sister, Connie and her then-boyfriend (and my then-best friend) Jim. Made for a very convenient chaperoning arrangement, or so Connie thought. Now how many times was it Cheryl and I would sneak in a kiss when Connie and Jim’s backs were turned.
(In the picture of Cheryl, Connie, with her back turned, is in the background).

Anyway, here’s some actual pictures from that first date. Apologies for the lousy image quality but the 110 format Kodacolor 400 film of the day had lousy image quality due to beach-ball sized film grain.

(NOTE: One image is missing from here, a picture of Cheryl and I together. I have the negative at home but for some reason, that negative scan didn’t make it onto my laptop. I’ll upload that image when I get home, may have to re-scan it). Yes folks you can see me in my first date dress up in my best Chris Noth imitation…..NOT! Can’t believe I actually got away with wearing a t-shirt and orange Cleveland Browns practice shorts on a first date.
(while Cheryl is 100% class in her dress)
And those glasses…all the rage of 1978 h
uh? (I hear uncontrolled laughter coming from my
computer). Must have done something right though, Cheryl and I dated for quite some time off and on over the next 3 years (and my dress improved dramatically over that time as well).

Now some of you younger folks on my Facebook and MySpace Friends lists may need some further information so you can relate to that time. So I’ll give you all further info on an individual basis.

Aslin Craft: Obvious Aslin you weren’t around yet. In fact you were 14 years from being born. Come to think of it, your mom (Kirsten, not the same as my Kyrsten) was all of 7 years old during this time. Oh now I feel old.

Addie Bagford:
Ditto you on not being born yet. But your mom (Sally) was about 17 at this time and she actually knew me then (obviously, she’s my step-sister and we were all living in the same house at 176 Hurd Rd in Aurora, Ohio). I don’t remember if I told Sally about this date so she may not remember.

Amanda Dellinger:
(Funny how these first 3 all have names starting with “A”). Oh yes, our next door neighbor, you were 16 years from being born. But c’mon, you think my dress and glasses were cool eh (sarcasm).

Lisa Cameron: (yes, another neighbor & friend)
This date happened 12 years before your birth. But I just noticed you and Addie Bagford are about the same age and both of you are in your early college years. Well Lisa, meet Addie. Addie, meet Lisa, our neighbor.

Leslie Cameron:
Ah yes, our recent Sweet 16 and Lisa Cameron’s younger sister. Oh how did you like that nifty Sweet 16 gift…oh that’s right we haven’t got it to you yet. We’ll get it to you near the end of this month, it is on its way to our house. I think you’ll like it. And what do you think of my first date outfit? Cool dude look huh (Leslie breaks into uncontrolled laughter)

Vanessa Smith: Now come on Vanessa, would you have dated a guy like me again wearing that kind of first date outfit? Oh come now.

Mason Chado
Well Mason, you obviously weren’t around. But these pics were taken about 18 months before I first skated at your dad’s skating rink (Roller City 2001 in Riverside, CA).

Shannon McPartland: Ditto for Shannon, you weren’t around either this being about 16 years before you were born. But I know you’re just digging those stylish glasses I’m wearing (uncontrollable laughter from Shannon). And yes, next time I see you at the barn, I’m going to be mercilessly needled and teased about my first date outfit.

Olivia Vieiralves:
Yes, you weren’t born yet either but your mom (Tina) and I are the same age so she can relate. C’mon you think my first date dress-up was cool now, don’t you??

Be da be da beeee....That's All Folks.

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