Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ah yes, won a eBay auction...

Well, just made another investment in my photo biz. This was for a hard-to-get (unless you want to pay a king's ransom to Nikon) accessory for my film scanner. Its called the FH-816 film holder for 16mm film. This will enable me to easily scan 110 film negatives in the Nikon CoolScan 9000ED film scanner. I've scanned a lot of my own 110 memories (from slides) but now I can do my 110 negatives, and do those as well for other people in preserving their 110 memories.

Kept my eye on eBay and lo & behold someone wanted to sell theirs as they had no use for it. They used it to scan 16mm motion film but are done with that and wanted to see if they could sell it. Got it for $100 less than going to Nikon. Would have been even less but some gooney-tooney got a bid in which raised my bid. But I got it.


Getting ready for Thanksgiving and we're planning on having my mom come on down from Jacksonville. I'm going to be baking my favorte brand of pumpkin pies, with orange-colored crust (making Cleveland Browns pumpkin pies). Yum, yum.
I usually make one using Splenda instead of regular sugar (thinking healthy here). The Splenda ones usually turn out pretty good. And I whip my own real whipping cream, better than Reddi-Wip.

I know what I want for Christmas, the Panasonic PT-AX200 digital HDTV projector. Already got a HDTV but this would replace it for big for example BROWNS games. Imagine the game up on a 96-120 inch screen in my house. This one with it's light output is perfect for Sunday games.

Panasonic Home PT-AX200U Projector

My lovely wife wants me to get this how-to photography book. Seems she got some photo ideas she'd like to try my model (no objections here):
Garage Glamour: Digital Nude and Beauty Photography Made Simple

Got a MySpace note from Olivia. I was asking her for Christmas gift ideas for her and joked about how the Colorado ski trip for her and her boyfriend isn't quite in my Christmas budget. She didn't miss a beat..."Work harder". And this from a 17 year old.

Speaking of Christmas, time to check out my Microsoft Access database for the Christmas Card list. Who's in (that sent me a card last year), who's out (no card, no nothing in fact the past 3 years). And hope I get it right before I print out the labels.

What kind of graphic should I use on my Christmas card label this year? Maybe Christmas Bells. Of course a Browns Super Bowl trophy would be nice but the SB isn't till Feb.

Anybody want a mean cat? I'm looking to get rid of one we've had 3 years since it was a kitten. My wife is the only person the cat likes, it hisses and swats at everybody else. That does it, out to the back patio for that cat (with a boot in the butt). Phooey.
Definitely not "cool for cats" here.

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