Saturday, November 10, 2007

One Bad Apple, The Osmonds, 40 years hence

Well folks, to set the background for this, I was saddened to hear about the passing of George Osmond. Godspeed to you George.
It was George's children who back in 1969 became known as The Osmonds, a huge rock n roll singing group from that era. I remember that era well (1969-1972) as I was just starting to come into adolescence (with all its travails of course).
And I really liked the Osmonds music, high energy, danceable (even though I couldn't dance a lick back then), and rather romantic, evidence by millions of swooning teenage girls who adored these guys and their music.
(Note to Aslin, Lisa, Leslie, Olivia: If you were alive back in 1969 as a teenage girl, the Osmonds were probably one of your big idols, along with David Cassidy, Barry Williams, etc. Think of your most favorite musicans today and you get the idea).

I happened to catch yesterday's (Nov 9th) Oprah who was doing a special feature on the Osmonds in honor of George Osmond. And what do you know, there they are, the Osmonds once again doing "One Bad Apple" (in their 50s no less) with a big video screen in the background showing the Osmonds performing back in the early 1970s. Gotta admit, it brought a tear to me eye.
I have the Osmond's Greatest Hits on CD and would like to complete the collection by getting Donny and Marie's later works (Donny's "Soldier Of Love" from 1989).

And this is my special tribute to a man (George Osmond) who actually left a lucrative position and dedicated his life to his children's careers. God Bless You George.
God Bless the Osmonds and thanks for the wonderful music.


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