Friday, November 16, 2007

An AmGhost from the Past?

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Good Evening Savages:
Well folks, a couple days ago, I was sitting in stopped traffic on I77 as the tunnel up ahead was closed down for some odd reason. Oh well I thought to myself, this is the only way thru and now I can't move so I shut down and enjoyed some music from Sirius.
And then my phone rang. My wife again? Maybe a new business assignment?

Well I answered the phone and on the other side were two gentlemen whom I didn't know but they did some name-dropping (that of my business coach, Sean) and for that reason, I talked to them. I was hoping that this was another new contract possibility that Sean dug up.

No such luck.

Instead I found myself on the receiving end of a total sales spiel. Swell I thought to myself as like a fellow blogger (Russell Glasser), I hate sales pitches and despise the people who give them. And these two jokers were masters.

I did listen to what they had to say. OK so I can't remember it word for word but here were some of the highlights:
" How would you like to achieve a residual income around $13,000 per month (implication, that's what this guy was making)?
"we have this wonder new product. For the first time, someone has been able to combine all 174 nutirents the body needs everyday into one small package" (Any health experts out there can confirm that number"
"This product is going to take this nation by storm" (Surrre it is)
"This produce will give you your full requirement of vitamins, minerals, amino acids". You'll feel better, have more energy and lose weight" (Oh really now?)
"We're looking for smart, highly motivated people like you Brad. Sean (name dropping again) said you were our kind of guy"

And then this real kicker"
"We want winners Brad, not losers. Don't let this opportunity pass you by"

(Russell, if you're reading this, I'm sure by now you're ROTFLYAO).

They got done with their spiel and traffic was getting ready to go again soon. So they asked me would I be interested in a business selling this wonderful product.

And then of course the other shoe drops, "for a initial investment of $500" (Somehow I just knew that was coming).

My response: "Two words gentlemen, FREE SAMPLES. A month's worth of free samples so I could try the product and see if it really did work"

This sent the duo into sales spiel seizures.

"After all, if you're making $13K per month off this, a month's worth of free samples should be nothing to you" I continued.

Traffic started moving again and I excused myself from this conversation. As I started rolling, I thought to myself, sheesh, this was just like one of those old stupid Amway sales spiels.
(Amway, and its Internet spin-off Quixtar for those who don't know was/is a pyramid scheme where the few up top get rich off the rank n file distributors by selling them their educational "tools". More on this can be found at Scott Larsen's site:

Scott Larsen's AmQuix Site.

Then, thanks to that Amway thought, it hit me. Both guys told me their names but one seemed to stick out. The big honcho named Steve Yager (I think).

Was he related to that Amway prima-donna Dexter "Dillinger" Yager?

I ran the name thru some Internet search engines and sure enough, Dexter does have a son named Steve Yager.
So good chance I was being prospected, for a different business rather than Amway by Dexter's son.

Which is probably why my suggestion of free samples sent these two jokers round the bend on the phone. Nothing ever comes free from the Yager family.
Seems now the Yagers are branching into some "miracle vitamins" or whatever whiz-bang product they're peddling.

I can say up front that if they call again, I'll be sure to tell them not to waste any more of their time and MY money. I've got a wife, a home and a real business that I'd rather use it on, rather than fatten the pockets of the Yager family.

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