Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

Some thoughts for a Thursday Night:

Hey, I might actually get to watch "Smallville" tonight. The new Supergirl character has been added. Could be interesting.

After careful consideration with years of experiences to develop this theory, I've come to the conclusion that I absolutely hate cold sores.

The moderators and some board admins at the Orange & Brown Report ( NFL board) suck eggs.

Why is it when I go to Wal-Mart to get about $15 worth of needed stuff, I end up leaving with $65...of needed stuff?
(I mean really, cream cheese frosting is a important part of a healthy person's diet, isn't it?)

I've got the new TV tuner card for the laptop, and no cable outlet to hook it up to here.

My wife and I read on our MySpace account some of the travails of our teen family & friends members....and long for those good ol days when all we had was those same problems.

Got some new red Christmas lights for our giant candy cane Christmas decoration (which my wife brought to our marriage).

Now that we have a new roof on the house, I can only put up 1 lousy string of Christmas lights (used to put up 5 all around the house) because of the edge seal on the new roofing. Unless I want to nail in every light, all 125 of them.

The Christmas decorations are all out at various shopping locations, having been up since about mid-September. I have to remember to call the Hallmark store to make sure they keep my Hallmark keepsake decorations on layaway.

Thanksgiving is coming and with it one of my favorite pastimes, making pumpkin pies. Normally I use Libby pumpkin to make the filling and probably will this year (the unsweetened, unspiced regular kind of pumpkin so I can use my mother's recipie). I keep asking will this be the year I make a pie from the actual pumpkin?
(It is considerable work from what I hear).

Who is going to cook the turkey this year?
Who is going to get the Honeybaked Ham (Thanksgiving and Christmas are disasters without Honeybaked ham).
Who is going to make the Holiday eggnog (not the kind you buy in the store). I tried it once. I don't know what I ended up making but having a full plain omelet turn up in your eggnog can't be a good sign.

Ah yes, this Sunday, the BROWNS on HDTV, a big Extra Cheese pizza with mushrooms, onions, goat cheese, Canadian bacon and anchovies, chips (whole grain) with cheese & bacon dip, Pepsi max diet soda. Yum Yum and GO BROWNS.

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