Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Thoughts..

You know folks, its so much easier for me to simply tap out my thoughts in these threads than address a specific subject. Maybe not as intelligent-sounding but easier.

First of all, that wacky Cleveland BROWNS 33-30 victory over the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday left me emotionally drained, and looking for a way to stick the hair back in my head that got pulled out by yours truly.

Well, I found out that colorfast materials aren't always colorfast. I had to do some whites (including "shudder" my briefs) and threw them in the wash along with a red and white "muscle shirt" thinking the material was colorfast. Well it was but the collar and sleeve ends were of a different material and not so colorfast.
You can guess what happened.
About 10 of my briefs (and some white socks) came out.....pink. Oh it was a very nice shade of rose pink but still, pink really isn't a guy's color unless it is a pink (camisa) business shirt. So I'm stuck with some pink briefs until I run them thru a strong-bleach wash again.

One feature I hate on this laptop. Everytime I'm trying to do some typing, I keep getting the DVD function query window as it wants to play the "Lois & Clark" DVD I have in there. Rather irritating as it takes over the laptop and I have to close the window. Two minutes later it pops up again.

Ah yes, Thanksgiving Day a coming and with it warm thoughts of a delicious roast turkey dinner, some hot apple cider drink (it does get rather cool in Florida this time of year), delicious corn-bread stuffing and of course some extra bike-riding to burn off the extra calories.
And most heavenly, hot pumpkin pie with real whipped cream on top.
I keep wondering how many more years I'll be able to enjoy this before my wife and my doctor team up to put me on a diet and destroy this one little pleasure of life.

And our public schools should BRING BACK SQUANTO and teach the real meaning of Thanksgiving and how it started. Not the PC claptrap that somehow a Thanksgiving evil lurks behind the holiday. For crying out loud PC liberals, take a freakin hike on this already and let Americans celebrate our National Holiday of Thanksgiving.

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