Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Thoughts...

Sunday Thoughts:
I have the satellite on the Christian Talk station which I find spiritually filling for those Sundays on the road.

Good grief it is cold up here in Georgia where my assignment has me now. Thankfully I do get a Sunday rest. Wish it was at home of course but the job says otherwise. But I will get a nice long Thanksgiving for this. But at least I can order up a Papa Johns pizza or something. Or maybe I can find a way to get to a local Browns Backers place. There's one about 20 miles from here, but I can't use government vehicles for personal use. May have to find a cab.
Or I can just order a Papa John's pizza and hear the game on the satellite radio.

Well, I've been boning up on my COBOL, CICS, JCL and other IBM mainframe technologies getting ready for my next computer assignment, whenever the Lord sends it in my direction.

I did complete scanning Leitha's slides, the first batch she gave me anyway. She can't wait to show them to Aslin, being that Aslin has never seen these old slides (from the early 1980s). It will be interesting for Aslin to see what her mom, Kirsten was like when she was Aslin's age.
But Aslin did get to see my high-school senior portrait (when I was 17). Did she think I was "cute". I don't know, she hasn't stopped laughing at my hairstyle yet.

And Finally, Kyrsten and I may have something wonderful happening in our lives very shortly. I'm not mentioning what it is yet but it looks like its going to happen.
I keep thinking about the song by Creed "With Arms Wide Open". Quite a fitting song for this.

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