Monday, November 5, 2007

A exciting BROWNS win. The idiot Republicans

It was one exciting game and I thought the Browns were going to blow it against Seattle being down 21-9 at halftime. But they got their act together and came back to take a 30-27 lead with 2:18 remaining. But true to form, the Seahawks went down the field and tied it up 30-30 sending the game into overtime.
It was close but the Browns D got a big stop. The offense came on, marched down the field and kicked the winning FG to take a 33-30 victory. Oh was I need of a dose of Risperdal after that game.

Now onto some politics.

Being a Reagan Republican, I have warm memories of the days of Ronald Reagan and watching him march the GOP to victory in 1980 and again in 1984. Oh those were the days.

Today, I just can't get excited about any of the so-called "top-tier" Republican candidates. None of them seem willing to tackle the issues that Americans care for most in a positive way. For me the biggest issue is the immigration issue because that directly affects our homeland. The only candidates that take a true pro-American stand on this issue are Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul. Neither looks like they have a chance at the nomination and that in itself is a sad reflection on the state of the American political scene. All of the top-tier candidates seem all to willing to let the immigration issue, both legal and illegal continue as is. Oh sure they talk a big game but none have any real substance.
For example none of the top-tier candidates have stated how they will secure the border. They just offer vague "I-believe-in-a-secure-border" platitudes with no specifics on how they'll implement it.
Like for example, stationing 50,000 National Guard troops on the border to close it off entirely until a real fence is built and more Border Patrol guards can be trained and fielded. Have you heard any top-tier candidate propose this?

Well that enough of this depressing state of affairs for now. Time to get ready for Monday Night Football and hope as a Browns fan that the Steelers get their butts handed to them.

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