Sunday, November 11, 2007

Its BROWNS vs. Pigsburgh Day

Well everyone, today is a day which in days past most Browns fans would look forward eagerly to, our beloved BROWNS taking on those heathens from Pittspuke, calling themselves the
I say in days past because as of recent since the BROWNS revival, the Browns have only won 3 against the Squeelers since 1999, out of about 16 games. And that truly stinks. Of course this is because the next-generation Browns have been a textbook case of how NOT to build a winning team, how to BLOW a goodly number of Draft Picks and how to establish a tradition of losing nearly rivaling that of the Washington Generals.

And in our last contest against Pittspuke, the Browns got their arses handed to them, 34-7.

But something has happened since then.

The BROWNS in that hideous loss reached down deep within as a team and learned how to WIN.
Since that loss the BROWNS have gone 5-2 and just a blocked field goal short of 6-1. The BROWNS offense, led by the cannon-armed Derek Anderson has come to life and is now one of the most feared offenses in the NFL.
This would be totally great, except for the other side of the coin, the BROWNS defense just plain sucks. OK so a great team takes time to build and "Rome wasn't built in a Day". But oh, if they just had a NFL average defense....

So quite frankly, the BROWNS aren't quite ready for prime time yet, but they're going bat-out-of-hell (a little Meatloaf there) in the right direction.

Unfortunately, Pittsburgh is simply too good of a team.
Most experts are picking Pittspuke to win the game today (in Pittspuke) and I have to agree with them. Oh my heart says the BROWNS pull the upset but logic points to another loss to the turnpike rivals.

But I'll follow my heart and say
Defeat the Pittspuke Huns.

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