Sunday, November 4, 2007

BROWNS vs. Seahawks TO-DAY

Well I'm ready for the game putting on my Brady Quinn jersey and getting the game on the road (over Sirius satellite radio, one of mankind's greatest inventions). My Cleveland Browns now have a 4-3 win/loss record (which is about 3 more wins than a lot of "experts" picked for us at this juncture in the season) and going for 5-3 with a win over Seattle.
Not taking this one for granted of course but the Browns are favored at home.

And honestly, we haven't had this much excitement for a possible winning team since the heady days of Bernie Kosar. Our biggest surprise, quarterback Derek Anderson who has more TD passes than any NFL quarterback not named Tom Brady. And he's learning the game to where he's having a lot more Otto Graham moments than Billy Graham moments.

(I digress here for a explanation. A Otto Graham moment for a Browns fan is where a Browns player, most notably the QB, executes a great play. This is named for the former Browns quarterbacking great of the 1940s and 1950s, Otto Graham. Derek Anderson throwing a TD strike to Kellen Winslow qualifies as a true Otto Graham moment.

A Billy Graham moment (named for the great evangelist for whom I have utmost respect) happens when a player, again notably the quarterback, makes a real bonehead play. The Billy Graham reference comes from the ability of Billy to make a entire stadium full of people rise to their feet and yell "JESUS"). A bonehead play tends to have the same effect on the home crowd (or the TV crowd for a away game) making them all stand up and yell "JESUS", for an entirely different reason of course). Derek Anderson throwing a interception into the end zone against New England, killing a Browns scoring drive definitely qualified as a Billy Graham moment. I credit Adam Schein on the Sirius NFL channel for this term ).

So today the REAL NFL Game of the Week (not that little dustup of New England vs. Indy) is the BROWNS vs. the Seahawks. Most of my fellow NFL fans will disagree of course but hey, I'm a true BROWNS fan.

Hopefully I'll be back here with a BROWNS victory post, assuming I can get to a WiFi station tonite.

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